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OSKE Asks: The Honest Grazer

In her pursuit to find a simpler, more honest way of living, Linda started The Honest Grazer - a feast for the eyes and endless plant-based inspiration. Sustainable and conscious living has never looked so delicious! In between creating Umami Mushroom Breakfast Bowls and spectacular Sunbutter Cookies, Linda made time to share her thoughts with our community. Get comfy and grab a matcha as #OSKEasks...    NAME: Linda Engelbrecht, The Honest GrazerDAY JOB: Content Producer SOCIALS: @thehonestgrazer   WHAT’S THE CLOSEST THING TO REAL MAGICThe warmth of the sun on your bare skin. Waking up early, when the world is still quiet, and slowly rising with her. When you somehow fit perfectly in another human’s body as if you are two puzzle pieces designed to be together.   DESCRIBE YOUR GIRLBOSS MOMENT.I’m not sure I have experienced only one.  Probably every time I create anything I thought would be impossible/unachievable and I manage to do it better than expected.   HOW DID YOU LEARN WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A WOMAN?When I realized that I was created as an instrument for love. My innate desire to nurture and care for the people and things I love is my strength, and what makes me not only a woman, but a human with purpose.   WHO TAUGHT YOU WHAT LOVE IS? My father. He loves without fault, judgement or hesitation.  I aspire to love with the same depth and compassion every day.   WHAT IS INTIMACY?Complete vulnerability, surrendering to the moment and being completely present in flow and harmony with another body.  When it feels effortless.   WHAT DID YOUR MOTHER TEACH YOU? You are exactly where you need to be right now, and that change is constant – you will never live or experience a moment or a feeling as you are right now. Build character, and beauty will follow.   TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR BODY THAT YOU WISH YOU’D ALWAYS KNOWN?It’s strength and resilience, but also that even through our healing, our bodies will always forgive us, but it will never forget, your past decisions will be carried by your body forever. So love it, more.   ULTIMATE MAKE-OUT PLAYLISTTitle: Premonitions  WHO SHOULD EVERYONE BE FOLLOWING RIGHT NOW?     Thank you, Linda, for sharing your thoughts and feelings with the OSKE community. In need of some MAJOR vegan foodie inspo? Follow Linda's incredible blog, The Honest Grazer, online and on Instagram. You're going to love her stunning photography and delicious treats!   Subscribe below and be sure not to miss the next OSKE Asks.