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OSKE Fleur Intimate Wash Ingredients

OSKE Fleur Intimate Wash

Your precious #BabeBits get exposed to plenty of chemicals and synthetic materials that really have no business being there. To keep you clean and fresh OSKE has created a flower-powered, body-balanced and naturally gentle Intimate Wash. We’ve carefully selected essential ingredients, and nothing more.


OSKE Fleur Intimate Wash IngredientsAlso known as… water, and the preferred base for our Intimate Wash. We specifically chose a water-base because it’s the least likely to impact negatively on your body’s natural state.


OSKE Fleur Intimate Wash IngredientsGenerally, we avoid anything harder to pronounce than quinoa but, when it comes to Decyl Glucoside, we’re happy to make an exception. This is the foaming ingredient in our Fleur Intimate Wash. We love it because, unlike harsh chemical soaps, it’s biodegradable, gentle, non-toxic and naturally derived from coconuts. How cute?


OSKE Fleur Intimate Wash IngredientsRich in essential vitamins and minerals, marshmallow root has incredible calming properties. As a demulcent, this power plant forms a protective layer over skin and mucous membranes to moisturise, relieve pain and reduce inflammation.


OSKE Fleur Intimate Wash IngredientsOtherwise known as Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV for the health fundies) and well-known as a natural home remedy. This powerful fruit extract will compliment your pH-balance and leave your #BabeBits free from harmful bacteria and fungus. It is especially effective at controlling Candida and E. coli without adversely affecting the body’s natural flora.


OSKE Fleur Intimate Wash IngredientsWhen it comes to creating the perfect gel-like consistency, we’ve chosen to use Xanthan Gum. Created through bio-fermenting the bacteria, Xanthomonas campestris, Xanthan Gum is sustainable and, when produced on corn like ours, totally vegan. It’s also edible and used in many foods (seriously, you’d be surprised where it pops up!) which means it’s tried, tested and perfectly safe for human consumption.


OSKE Fleur Intimate Wash IngredientsPreservatives have a bad rep, and in some cases, that’s fair. But there are preservatives which are naturally derived, harmless and ensure your safety. Let’s be clear, we’re asking you to apply OSKE to your most sensitive body parts, there’s no way we’d give you a product that isn’t undeniably safe. We’ve chosen to include two salts, anti-fungal Sodium Benzoate and anti-bacterial Potassium Sorbate which are both naturally derived, food grade and FDA approved. FYI, we only use these preservatives in tiny proportions.  Like we said, only the essentials and nothing more.


OSKE Fleur Intimate Wash IngredientsThe vagina is about as complex as the female psyche. In other words, don’t mess with it! Whatever you’re putting onto your vagina, it's important not to disturb the natural balance of flora, hormones and acidity. We’ve included pharmaceutical grade Lactic Acid to harmoniously match the vagina’s natural pH levels. Best of all, it’s vegan!


OSKE Fleur Intimate Wash IngredientsOur Fleur Intimate Wash is fragrance free to minimise skin irritation. Instead, we opted to use essential oils which provide medicinal benefits with the added bonus of a pleasant scent. Rose essential oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and the delicate aroma of rose petals. It’s also an antiseptic, helps to relieve spasms and, as a potent astringent, tones and lifts the skin.


OSKE Fleur Intimate Wash IngredientsA favourite amongst essential oil enthusiasts, lavender essential oil is widely used to treat infection, inflammation and skin irritation. It can also relieve pain, cramping and stimulate cell regeneration to promote healing. This ancient remedy will ensure your #BabeBits continue to blossom for years to come!



OSKE Intimate Wash

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