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Lubricate, always & forever | OSKE's Lubrication Education Part 3

 OSKE's Lubrication Education - Part 3

Boys and babes seem to have a common misconception that personal lubricant is something used to treat vaginal dryness. While this is true and important, it’s not reflective of the full story. Lube should be a nightstand essential for all and here’s our list of why you need lube, NOW!:



This list would not be complete without acknowledging the obvious. When it comes to vaginal dryness, lube is the answer. By all means change your diet, improve your moves and embrace your deepest fantasies but also, lube. It’s a quick fix and absolutely worth leaving all that discomfort behind.

OSKE Lubrication Education Part 3


Whether or not you’re satisfied with your natural level of wetness, lube will make every sensation feel better. If you or your partner are experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort during sex this could be a sign that, although you’re wet, you may not be wet enough. If you find yourself asking your partner to “stop” or “go slower”, then lube may help prevent friction and maintain a smooth rhythm. Membrane tears and vaginal fissures are real and easily avoided.



Sometimes #BabeBits need a little more time to catch up with the mind. Foreplay is key to ensuring that you’re physically primed for a great time and helps to create intimacy between partners. While lubricant will speed up this process (read: quickie), it’s also a great way to add fun and adventure in the bedroom. Use lubricant as the perfect excuse to explore each other’s sweet spots.



Lubricants increase sensitivity, creating a more intimate and intense experience. In fact, studies show that using lube can make it 50 percent easier to orgasm for women and men. Really there’s nothing more to say here. Surely this is reason enough?

OSKE Lubrication Education Part 3


Now we all want safe sex, but did you know that lubrication is a major contributor? Internal membranes protect the body against infection, but they can easily tear when not properly lubricated. This will increase your risk of contracting STDs, STIs and UTIs. While you may have already taken precautions using condoms or dental dams, these can actually contribute to dryness, resulting in increased friction and contraceptive malfunctions, like slipping or breaking. 



Not only do lubricants make contraceptives safer but they can also improve your experience when using them. Try adding a little extra lubrication to the inside of condoms or skin side of dental dams to increase stimulation. The reduced friction creates a smooth and pleasurable motion for both partners.



Sexual exploration can be thrilling, fulfilling and sometimes… a little scary. When trying new things, you may not know what to expect or how best to traverse unusual territory. Lube is key to smooth sailing. Whether you’re experimenting with toys or trying out anal sex, lubricants will make these experiences far more pleasurable and stress free.



It’s true that lube is great for sex but that’s not all. If you’re a tampon or menstrual cup user, then lubricant is just what you need to ensure smooth insertion and comfort. The right lubricant will also aid in maintaining your natural pH-balance, which is often disrupted by menstruation.

OSKE Lubrication Education Part 3


Possibly the most important point of all, lubricant is a great way for you to get to know yourself and explore what makes you feel good. Yes, we’re talking about masturbation, another topic shrouded in secrecy and desperate for liberation. Know this for sure, you are first and foremost responsible for your pleasure and your orgasm. It’s so much easier to teach others what you already know yourself. So, grab a little lube and get (yourself) going.



There are plenty more reasons why lube should come standard in your sex life, regardless of necessity. Ask anyone who knows, and they’ll tell you: the wetter, the better! If you haven’t yet, there’s no time like the present to grab yourself some lube and never look back. OSKE has you covered with our all natural, vegan and cruelty free Aqua Lubricant. We’re talking water-based, pH-balanced and absolutely edible because, Babe, that’s exactly what you deserve.

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