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Introducing: Comfit Care


Comfit Care

Menstruation. Your Period. Aunt Flo. Shark Week. Monthlies. Menses. Moon Time. Time of The Month. On the Rag. Code Red. Surfing the Crimson Wave.


At some point over the next 28 days, approximately 26% of the world’s population will menstruate. That’s half of all women. The other half is either still too young or now too old. Yet, the aim of the game is to menstruate politely and quietly with the hope that no one ever knows that you’re actually bleeding.


This mentality is a whole lot to tackle and it will no doubt take years to change the way the world treats periods. In the meantime, we want young girls to feel educated, empower and confident to live the life of their dreams – no holding back. Tampons and menstrual cups can be very helpful in achieving this but often insertion can be quite uncomfortable for first time users. And so, Comfit Care was born.


It all started when a dear friend of ours wanted to support her vivacious daughters’ love for gymnastics and horseback riding. The arrival of her period meant a sudden, and totally understandable, apprehension to don a leotard or jodhpurs. Tampons were the answer, but insertion without lubricant was terribly uncomfortable. She didn’t want to see her little girl missing out on the things that brought her so much joy yet couldn’t bare handing her tween a bottle of sex store lube. KY Jelly or Vaseline seem to be the go-to but ingredients such as phenoxyethanol just don’t scream fanny-friendly.


So instead, she set out to create a personal lubricant that was not only safe to use but application appropriate. The reality is that most women’s health products are rooted in sexual competence rather than vaginal care. Ladies, it’s high time we take care of our bodies first and foremost for our own health and well-being.


Inspired by the strong sense of purpose behind this product, OSKE has now taken on the Comfit Care brand as one of its own. Our hope is that we’ll bring Comfit Care to more women and add our voice to the important conversations being had around menstruation and women’s health. Comfit Care has been made with all-natural ingredients to ensure it gently compliments the female physiology. You can learn more about each ingredient and Comfit Care’s body-kind properties here.


We’ll be sharing stories from real women and publishing information to help young girls prepare for this beautiful rite of passage. If you’d like to add your voice to the conversation, share your period story here and become a part of the Comfit Care Periodical.


Comments (2)

  • Karla on April 23, 2021

    Wow! I definitely want to try this product as it seems very promising and amazing.
    Thank you so much ❤

  • Anita on January 31, 2021

    Wow. Congratulations. Xx

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