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Comfit Care Ingredients

Comfit Care Ingredients

Girls just wanna have… fundamental human rights. We believe that menstruation rights and period positivity is a big part of that. Comfit Care was created, not only to support women’s’ use of tampons and menstrual cups, but to do so in a way that’s safe and healthy for the unique physiology of the female body. Here you can learn more about Comfit Care’s ingredients and why they matter:


Comfit Care is a water-based lubricant as this is most similar in composition to the body’s natural moisture. While oil- and silicon-based lubricants may be better for particular circumstances, water-based is the least disruptive to your body’s natural state.

Hypoallergenic and with an abundance of healing properties, Aloe Vera is the perfect base for our Comfit Care lubricant. Its slippery texture helps with easy insertion and assists in healing any micro-abrasions that may occur.

This natural thickener aids in maintaining Comfit Care’s gel-like consistency and easy application to tampons and menstrual cups. Xanthan Gum is non-toxic and a great alternative to petroleum jelly.

Maintaining pH-balance is imperative to vaginal health and too often disrupted by poorly designed products. We’ve used Citric Acid to match your vagina’s ideal acidity level and support its natural flora balance.

While preservatives can sometimes be scary ours are food-safe and ensure product safety without comprising your health. We’ve chosen to include naturally derived anti-fungal Sodium Benzoate and anti-bacterial Potassium Sorbate to keep Comfit Care safe to use in your most intimate areas.


Comfit Care Natural

Every ingredient used in Comfit Care is naturally derived to ensure minimal impact on your body’s natural operating system.

Comfit Care Vegan

No animal derived ingredients were used in the making of Comfit Care. We like to treat our planet with the same gentle approach that we treat your body.

Comfit Care Cruelty Free

OSKE products are never tested on animals. We rather use gentle and safe ingredients which don’t require testing on animals to ensure safety.

Comfit Care Water-Based

Of all lubricants, water-based are the most gentle and familiar to the body. It also allows for less artificial ingredients or chemicals to be use in its place.

Comfit Care pH-Balanced

Comfit Care is pH-balance specifically to suit the acidity of the vagina. This is an important aspect of vaginal health as it helps to regulate fertility and protect against infection.

Comfit Care Hypoallergenic

All ingredients used in Comfit Care are non-toxic and free of irritants to protect your most intimate areas.


If you’re a tampon or menstrual cup user, and would like to try Comfit Care for yourself, head on over to our online store or visit one of our stockists.



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