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Moon Time by Natasha Napoli | The Comfit Care Periodical

Comfit Care - Moon Time by Natasha Napoli

Sharing our similarities and
 celebrating our differences, 


Say hey to Natasha! Owner of Cape Town's fav plant-based café & juicery, Nourish'd Cafe. Today she shares how it started, how it's going and all the lessons she's learn along the way in the ever first edition of The Comfit Care Periodical. 


Tell us about the first time you got your period.

I was super confused. I had no idea what was going on. It was all very new to me. My mom made me feel extremely comfortable which was so comforting.


What is your period like now?

Very regular. I try not to go into the stores while I am bleeding. I like to keep this time very sacred and for rest. In the first day or two its very painful but I breath through the pain. Never take any painkillers. More herbal teas and light candles. Pour blood into the San Pedro cactus in my garden.


Moon Time by Natasha Napoli


What's the best thing you've learnt from your period?

It has taught me that rest and slowing down during this time is very important. As woman we should not be operating at the speed we do for the whole month. The moon time for me reminds we to relax, calm down, take rest and really remember our mother, our ancestors, our sisters and our woman. We all bleed and we are all one.


Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Tash! Our hope is that the more stories we share, the more women will feel confident and empowered in their own experiences.

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