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Moon Cycle by Claire Vögeli | The Comfit Care Periodical

Moon Cycle by Claire Vogeli | The Comfit Care Periodical

Sharing our similarities and
 celebrating our differences, 

This week we chat to Claire. This badass coach and photographer is dripping with the most delicious self confidence. Her mission is to help women find their own flame and live with zero apologies. Hell yeah! Read on to learn all about her Moon Cycle. 

Tell us about the first time you got your period.

I first got my period on Pony Camp! I was with a group of girls who gave me the down low as I was quite a late bloomer. I remember them telling me all about pads and tampons and being a little overwhelmed and excited to be part of the "group".

What is your period like now?

My cycle is usually synced up with the moon which makes me feel so connected to something mystical inside me. It feels so natural. I get very low energy just before my cycle and tend to be uber creative and a bit pensive. During my cycle I shed a lot emotionally and then move into a super productive spring where I feel sexy and alive!


Moon Cycle by Claire Vogeli 

What's the best thing you've learnt from your period?

Life and everything in it is cyclical and to honour each phase for what it brings.


Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Claire! Our hope is that the more stories we share, the more women will feel confident and empowered in their own experiences.

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